Our story

Table 22 Agency is an adventure that quietly begins during the lockdown and fully takes shape at the beginning of 2022.

Ivona was born and raised in Croatia, where she studies marketing and communication. She works in a communication agency and, boom, she meets love and leaves everything to settle in Paris.

Off to the Alliance Française to learn French, a job in the restaurant industry, and very quickly freelance missions in Community Management.

The lockdown accelerates events; restaurants need to communicate, digitize. Ivona is back in communication sector, but this time in Paris

Aurélie, a Parisian through and through, grows up in a family of restaurateurs and hoteliers, but it’s unthinkable for her to pursue that career; her heart is set on fashion!

Fashion studies, internships in studios and press offices, and then, finally, the restaurant world catches up with her: what if she opened one herself?

After 8 years of entrepreneurship, a return to the “comfort” of traditional employment as a manager of establishments, venue development, and then the COVID-19 pandemic hits…

A need to create, a craving for adrenaline, and an idea that develops with Ivona—thus, Table 22 is born. 

We committed to refining our expertise and expanding our skill set. This included mastering areas such as web design, SEO, photography, video editing, marketing strategy, and graphic design…

The depth of our experiences and training led us to take the plunge and create SAS AGENCY TABLE 22 in 2022 after both quitting our jobs! It was a bold move that paid off!

We specialize in the hospitality and food industries for two reasons:
– we know the sector perfectly
– we are passionate about gastronomy and related professions.

By the end of 2023, due to numerous requests, we decided to open our agency to other sectors:

– Fashion and decoration
– Real estate

In 2024, our agency is reaching new heights!

With the trust of our clients, we’re expanding internationally, working with venues in Marrakech, New York, and soon in many other exciting cities!

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